Workshop 1

🕚 12:45 pm
📍 Park’s Patio, UCLA Botanical Garden

🕚 1:45 pm
📍 Meet in Hershey Hall Salon at start time

Our first workshop in “The Forgotten Canopy” Core Program on November 5, 2022 is the final portion of our two-day program on “Ecology”.  This Native American community-based workshop will take place in UCLA’s Botanical Gardens, where we will have the opportunity to see and study many of the plants from South America, the Caribbean and Southern California that were discussed in the conference. After an opening ceremony, we will learn how the Tongva used local plants to build their homes and towns, as well as how UCLA is radically transforming its landscapes with Native gardens. In the afternoon, the Madrigal Family Cahuilla Bird Singers will honor us by closing our event.

Workshop Schedule

12:45-1:00pm | Park’s Patio, UCLA Botanical Garden: Welcome to the UCLA Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden

Victoria Sork, Distinguished Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and Director of the UCLA Botanical Garden

Christine Hastorf, Distinguished Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley 

12:45-1:45pm | Park’s Patio, UCLA Botanical Garden: Lunch

1:45-2:30pm | Hershey Hall Salon: Workshop Welcome and Introductions

Stella Nair, Associate Professor of Art History, UCLA 

Paul Niell, Associate Professor of Art History, Florida State University

Shannon Speed, Professor of Anthropology and Gender Studies, Director of American Indian Studies Center, Special Advisor the the Chancellor on Native American and Indigeous Issues, UCLA  

Mona Morales Recalde, San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians Gabrielino/Tongva- Community Outreach Director

Darnell Hunt, Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost, Professor of Sociology and African American Studies, UCLA

Abel Valenzuela, Interim Dean of Social Sciences, Professor of Urban Planning and Latinx and Central American Studies, UCLA

Rudy Ortega, Tribal Chairman, Fernandeno Tatavium Band of Mission Indians

2:30-3:15pm | UCLA Botanical Garden: Welcome and Self Guided Tour

3:15-3:30pm | UCLA Botanical Garden to Hershey Hall Salon: Walk to Hershey Hall Salon

3:30-4:00pm | Hershey Hall Salon: Bob Ramirez, (Tongva), President of the Gabrielino Tongva Springs Foundation, “Restoring the Ancient Village of Kuruvungna”  

4:00-4:15pm | Hershey Hall Salon: Q&A with Bob Ramirez

4:15-4:30pm | Hershey Hall Salon to Park’s Patio, UCLA Botanical Garden: Walk to the Botanical Garden

4:30-5:15pm | UCLA Botanical Garden: Bonny Bentzin, Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer, UCLA. Campus Walking Tour: “Transitioning a Campus Landscape to Restore Native Plants and Relationships” 

5:15-5:30pm | Park’s Patio, UCLA Botanical Garden: Walk back to Park’s Patio

5:30-6:00pm | Park’s Patio, UCLA Botanical Garden: Closing in “Park’s Patio,” UCLA Botanical Garden: William Madrigal and the Traditional Cahuilla (kaweeyah) Bird singers 

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